Welcome – About Me

Hello and welcome,

I am Maria Night and thank you for visiting my blog.

This is not my real name, by remaining anonymous I hope to be more open about my experience of physical abuse and what it is like to be the daughter of a narcissistic mother. The Mother has not been professionally diagnosed, rather I have come to this conclusion through my own research and years of therapy. I am using this space as a way to share my experience in the hope that it will somehow be healing, and to  reach out to people who were physically abused and/or raised by a narcissistic parent.

In this blog, I will share past events which have significantly impacted my sense of self, as well as what it is like in the present day to have a  mother who is narcissistic.

A little background information is that I am married, in my 30’s and have two young children. I feel as though I owe it them to heal from this trauma so that I can be a better Mum and life partner.

In the process of healing I have recently found it helpful to distance myself from the word ‘mother’, instead of referring to my mother as “my”. I refer to her as “the Mother” or “Mother”. In day-to-day life I usually refer to her by first name.

For some, reading my posts can be difficult. I go into some detail about the kind of abuse I have experienced. For this reason I offer a small warning, that you may become upset. However, please know that so far being able to write has provided me with a space to heal.

Thank-you for visiting.


Photo credit: Magic Madzik


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