A Shining Light

“Your love heart is not cracked anymore….I love you mummy” Wow! What a thing to hear on a sunny winter … More

Car Accident

  The other day I was in a car accident with my children. The other driver slammed into us from … More

A Narcissistic Lullaby

“Hush little girl, don’t you dare say a word, You must forget all that, you’ve seen and heard. But if … More

A 180° Turn

As of this last week, my story of healing has taken a large step in the opposite direction. Unfortunately these … More

Story Of Healing

My blogging journey began with the memories and now it has transformed into one of healing. When I first began … More

Fragmented Memory

So far, my blogging journey has allowed me a space to move memories from my mind into something more tangible, … More